Poplar, Montana, USA.

And now for something very different, the small town of Poplar far from the most beautiful and the most frequently visited places in Montana, USA. Poplar lies about 70 miles west of the North Dakota border along Highway 2. It is not a pretty place, and poverty afflicts the mixed Lakota and white population more or less equally. Because drug and alcohol abuse are widespread, the town has an edge that requires a little caution as you walk around. This said, when a fog descends on the place investing the town’s structures, especially those closest to the railroad, with a somewhat mysterious air, Poplar has a strange appeal. Enjoy!

P.S. Many thanks to people in the USA, Native American and otherwise, who have been in touch to tell me fascinating things about Poplar, past and present. By all accounts, Poplar had quite a lot going for it in the past – but I am indebted to two Native Americans who inform me that the signs of decline were apparent by the late 1960s. Yes: I gather the town is known locally as Stab City. However, I still like it. And, in all honesty, we have a fair share of violent crime here in Darlington (moreover, the violence is often drug- and alcohol-related).








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