Edgelands and Sacrifice Zones: Lithuania, Spain, United Kingdom, etc.

The post entitled “Edgelands, Sacrifice Zones: Turkey, United Kingdom, etc.” struck a chord with many people, so here is a second collection based on the same idea, the idea that places which lack prettiness can, nonetheless, be interesting and, even, have a strange beauty all of their own. Here you will find photos of Jarrow, Middlesbrough, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Peterlee, South Bank (all in North-East England), Malaga (Spain), Gaziantep, Hopa, Ispir (Turkey) and Vilnius (Lithuania). In my estimation, all the localities in the photos qualify as edgelands, sacrifice zones or, at the very least, marginal or shunned places. This said, doesn’t the presence of the local Sikh community in the photo of Middlesbrough invest the rundown street with colour and vitality it would not routinely have! Thank goodness for the spectacular annual Nagar Kirtan!



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