Stained Glass: Czech Republic, Poland, USA.

Whether they are religious or not, people feel drawn to houses of worship, if only because houses of worship are usually large, elegant and imposing structures which benefit from elaborate decoration and ornamentation. Houses of worship associated with a number of faith traditions delight in the use of stained glass, and stained glass is certainly something I enjoy, no matter who has commissioned it. This said, stained glass is most often encountered in houses of worship associated with Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Here are photos of stained glass in churches in the Czech Republic (Prague), Poland (Czestochowa, Tarnow, Warsaw, Wroclaw) and the USA (Covington in Kentucky), and a synagogue in Poland (Krakow). My apologies to people hoping to find stained glass in at least one mosque. I find to my horror that photos of stained glass in mosques exist only on film from the pre-digital age.

I am confident that many of you will see that some of the stained glass has been designed by Alfons Mucha. The stained glass in question is in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague. Prague is not an unusual destination, of course, but the stained glass of St. Vitus Cathedral deserves to be better known. Forgive me for being (again) a little elastic about what should be included in the posts. I will behave in future, I promise!


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