Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Anyone visiting large cities in the United States will probably go to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and/or Chicago well before, say, Kansas City. However, Kansas City is a wonderful place if you want to spend time in somewhere that is easy to navigate, not too large, very safe and full of interesting things to see and do (for example, it has some remarkable museums). The photos below dwell on aspects of the city that might be overlooked, especially by people staying only two or three nights (for people on short stays, the museums alone can take up all your time).

Kansas City has an enviable reputation for barbecue, for water features, for restrained but elegant architecture, and for a downtown reviving with the construction of some landmark buildings. The photos below merely hint at the pleasures that await visitors. And the museums that do not feature at all? At least two are world class. I kid you not.

Just for the record, we ate barbecue twice in Kansas City, once at Gates and once at Arthur Bryant’s. Sorry: I refuse to enter the debate about which is the better place to eat. Pop along and make up your own mind!


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