Darlington and its surroundings, with an emphasis on North Yorkshire.

With York to the south and Newcastle-upon-Tyne to the north, tourists usually by-pass the town of Darlington, which means that its many delights exist primarily for local people. Also, because York and Newcastle-upon-Tyne are more obvious tourist destinations than Darlington, Darlington’s surroundings are largely unknown to outsiders. From the scenic point of view Darlington’s surroundings are not spectacular because the best you get outside the overwhelmingly flat Vale of York are gently undulating hills. But on the Vale of York, and among the nearby gently undulating hills, are some unusual old market towns and beautiful villages. The following photos seek to reveal some of the area’s fascination and beauty. Most of the places below are within a 25 mile drive of Darlington town centre. Towns and villages in North Yorkshire dominate the post, with Bedale, Catterick, Hunton, Patrick Brompton and the deer park at Hornby Castle all represented. There is also one photo of Darlington.

To exemplify the interest that exists in the area, here are some notes about the village of Hunton.

Hunton: a compact village with houses along both sides of three roads and two short lanes. Two or three streams meet in or close to the village and run through or beside it. The Countryman’s Inn serves good food at reasonable prices. There used to be a small church (St. John’s CE, rebuilt in 1794), and a Wesleyan chapel (built in 1829). Both buildings still exist, but as private houses. The village once had three pubs and a glove factory.



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