“In Search Of Unusual Destinations” is designed to introduce places not often visited for touristic purposes, both in the UK and further afield. This means that the delights of the destinations are a little out of the routine. Occasionally, expect the unexpected. But if you are inspired to visit the destinations, rewards of a considerable nature await you. I have seen all the places in the blog in my fifties and early sixties – in other words, younger people, and all those who remain young at heart, will find that the journeys to the destinations are not onerous. Moreover, with luck the destinations identified will inspire you to delve a little deeper in each locality because, around every corner, there lies something just as interesting. Indeed, sometimes there lies something even more interesting!

Because I rely on digital photos to inspire you to see the destinations, and because my association with the digital age goes back only a decade, you will, eventually, find references to places in Northern England, Spain, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey and the United States. Passing reference will also be made to other destinations, as my library of about 21,000 digital photos is raided (if only I’d shot trips to India, Malaysia, Singapore and Syria with a digital camera!).

If you enjoy “In Search of Unusual Destinations”, have a look at “The USA: Landscapes and Urban Spaces”, which has posts devoted to some of the things that feature in this blog, but from the perspective of only one, albeit very large, nation state. You might also enjoy the posts on “Lithuanian Reflections”.

Phil André.

Copyright © Phil André 2012.

Please be aware that all the images on this blog are the property of me, Phil André, and are therefore subject to copyright. Please do not copy or steal any of the images. If you wish to use one or more, please contact me (philandre@ntlworld.com) and we can discuss their use and costs, if any.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. A fantastic collection of photos, Phil. I love old forts and buildings which have stood for centuries but show the ravages of time and, unfortunately, conflict. You’ve a good eye. I’ll be following this blog.

  2. Hi Phil. I very much enjoy your blog, In Search of Unusual Destinations. Your photos are beautiful. They show a great eye for beauty and interest – no matter the location.
    Thanks for your effort at sharing. Pat. Seattle.

  3. So happy I came across your blog. I had already bookmarked it when searching, and now happen to be headed for two weeks to the Baltic states and can’t wait to check out some of your locations. Thanks a million, exactly what I was hoping for.

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