Murals, Texas and Louisiana, USA.

Murals are found in American settlements of every size, from the very smallest to the very largest. They exist in economically deprived and economically privileged settlements, and are the products of almost every ethnic group that possesses American citizenship. Murals may recall the history, the achievements, the torments or the aspirations of a people or a place. They may recall a single remarkable individual or a characteristic, perhaps even stereotypical, dimension of a community’s day-to-day existence. They may highlight injustice, hope, forgiveness, pride or exceptional human endeavour. They may be conceived to bring together once-fragmented communities that seek to put real or imagined grievances behind them, or they may be a work of art with no obvious message, a work of art conceived by an individual or a group.

The following photos show murals in the Texas settlements of Del Rio, El Paso, Houston, Independence, Lufkin and Pilot Point. The seventh photo is of Shreveport in Louisiana.